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12 Jun

Blue Flag for Roccella Jonica

Punctual, as every spring, the “Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)” assigns the Blue Flags to the Italian cities on the sea. And this year we are proud, once again, to share the news that sees the sea of ​​Roccella Jonica (where the Parco dei Principi Hotel stands) once again rewarded with this recognition. For the CONSECUTIVE year, it has won the “Blue Flag” award, a brand that meticulously evaluates the guarantee and quality of the waters, the quality of the beaches, services and safety measures and also environmental education … in short, a place not to be missed. lose during the beautiful summer season (and not only).

Who has never visited Calabria, and its enchanting beaches, cannot imagine what ancestral appeal they make us perceive. Our Territory is fortunate to be one of the few to have still maintained a wild and bewitching charm; perhaps due to the industrialization that has never taken over an ancient nature, or thanks to its inhabitants still rooted and proud of a natural charm that they did not want to give up, or even an immense nature to dominate over human control .. well, any explanation may be the truest one, do not go to Roccella Jonica, it can deprive you of a unique experience among many. Coming to visit the Riviera dei Gelsomini (where the Parco dei Principi Hotel operates) you can enjoy a coast characterized by large expanses of white sand, which accompany you to the shore of the sea, crystal clear, transparent waters and a blue so intense as to get lost to the horizon, in the immensity that merges with that of the sky. Only in person can certain sensations be perceived which, when told, are almost romanticized.

A territory that lives on a very long history on the shores of its coast, which began already from the ancient Greeks, and which continues inexhaustible to the present day. History but also a lot of freshness in its present, through its community that lives and pulsates initiatives, fun, hospitality and innovation on many sides (such as the “Roccella Jazz Festival”, an important jazz music festival that every year includes world-renowned artists, played in the outdoor amphitheater, brings together musicians from different world backgrounds, but also different forms of art: music, theater, cinema, dance, photography, literature).

Nature, history, gastronomy / food and wine, art (ancient, religious and contemporary) and countless experiences (visit the page of our website entirely dedicated to the Territory and its offer: https://www.parcodeiprincipi-roccella.com/territory/ ).

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