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1 Jun

Exclusive TITANIC Style Inspired Hotel

Didyou know that the famousstaircase of the Parco dei Principi Hotel wasinspired by the blockbuster movie and Oscar “Titanic”? The film thateveryonehasseenatleast once in their life, that in the distant 1997 hasstolen the hearts of people all over the world, aswellasthat of the creators of the spaces of the Park of the Princes Hotel; all, withinour Location, hasbeendesigned to make you dream with youreyes wide open, starting from the luxurious and elegantentrancestaircase, whoseexclusive style recalls the iconicstaircase of the Titanic.

The staircase and the large dome faithfullyreflect the majesticarchitecturerepresented in the film, and living thisamazingatmosphereyou can onlyremainastonished by the similarities.

In the orbit of thisstructuralpeculiarity, in 2008 wasalsorealized one of the greatest parties everheldalongourCalabrianIoniancoast, the themewastaken from the movie Titanic; all the rooms of our Hotel havebeenmodified and decoratedto resemble likethe halls and the luxuous rooms of the film, recreating a unique dream atmosphere. The entirestructurewasfullyavailable to customers, in a party thatremainedeventoday in the heart and history of our beautiful and beloved Hotel.

Intrigued by this gem? Then come and visit us here at the  Parco dei Principi Hotel, come and experience this magical reality with us that will leave you breathless for sure!

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