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29 Apr

Making a Wedding or an Event

Large outdoor spaces, an imposing green park by the pool, we believe it!

In recent weeks, while our work here at the Parco dei Principi Hotel continues in a silent way, we have asked ourselves a bit about how life can slowly return to normal; a normality that we miss so much, both for the small everyday things, and for the rarer ones, that the more solemn. We had planned a lot, unaware of what could happen in this 2020, and now we all find ourselves a little dazed by what will “happen” in the near future.

As professionals in the banqueting sector, with more than 15 years of experience behind us and an indefinite number of events and satisfied customers, we have tried to react immediately to this situation that seems really complicated.

We asked ourselves “how can we satisfy our customers equally, how can we make them live serenely every event, anniversary and happy moment?”

We realized that, as we do not yet have any real ministerial provisions, we can in any case put all our experience, all the ability to adapt, professionalism and precision in solving this current dilemma. Our work to date is taking place in improving and putting the entire structure in total safety, sanitizing every single corner, equipping the common areas with disinfectant columns for the safety of all, and finally equipping our staff with every precaution necessary for the protection of others and theirs.

Furthermore, a strong point on which we are working and focusing very much is our surrounding green park; with 17 thousand square meters of private space, the green lawn and the olive trees typical of our splendid Ionian coast is something that you will only find here at the Parco dei Principi Hotel. We have imagined how all this can become a concrete solution for our customers, an optimal solution for the distances that unfortunately in this historical moment we must necessarily adopt, but also a solution to not give up a breathtaking aesthetic (especially now, with the arrival of the beautiful season). A truly huge space, at the complete disposal of our customers, used, equipped and set up in an elegant and refined way, imagined with you and for you, so as not to give up even at this moment on everything you had dreamed of for a long time.

Our goal is: to work hard to offer you only the best! We believe it because we also want, through our work, that everything can return to normal, but with the right precautions. In addition to complying with ministerial directives, we think of the whole community we have been part of for a long time, our current and loyal customers and those who may still have to discover us.

Being professionals in the sector means working with conscience, passion and dedication, and this is what we offer to those who decide to prefer us.

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