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29 Apr

Summer in Calabria

Live your Summer 2022 at the sea between the beaches of Calabria Jonica, where the thousand shades of blue of the sea and the whiteness of the sand will cradle you in a world of tranquility and relaxation.

Search for the right period to be able to take at least a week all for yourself (and your loved ones); leave indecision aside because here you can have everything you are looking for, a dream holiday with many included services and a highly qualified staff to follow you in all your needs; moreover our structure will guarantee you the right freedom of movement that will make you stay without any thought; finally choose a vacation here and you will enjoy one of the hottest and sunniest summers ever, many dream of tropical and exotic paradises, but true paradise is a stone’s throw away!

The colors of the Riviera dei Gelsomini is a place that smells of saltiness, where you can benefit from the warmth of the sun’s rays, where to immerse yourself in the crystalline waters that host a rich biodiversity and ancient wrecks that testify to the past is a continuous wonder.

The best time to experience the Riviera dei Gelsomini is summer, when temperatures reach pleasant peaks of hot summer sun, and you can find refreshment in the fresh crystal clear waters.

If you book your summer vacation here in Roccella Jonica at Parco dei Principi Hotel you won’t have to worry about any of these things!


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