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26 May

Our commitment in Covid’s time

COVID-19 has changed our lives inexorably, we have had to face a truly difficult emergency globally. But now it seems it is possible, slowly and always with due precautions, to find a bit of normality again, and we at Parco dei Principi Hotel are committed to making our structure as safe as possible, both for our guests and for the personnel. Working for almost twenty years in the tourism, banqueting and catering sector, we know how important safety is, and today we want to give even more guarantees.

We are a privileged structure compared to many others in our area for our natural location, immersed in a huge green park. Our internal but above all external spaces have always guaranteed our guests total privacy and relaxation (moreover, in this context, keeping distances becomes very simple). Enjoying a holiday or a banquet for an anniversary has never been easier, despite current restrictions. By choosing the Parco dei Principi Hotel at this moment you choose the guarantee of safety, elegance and professional seriousness.

Specifically we have: certified sanitization of all environments, both common ones and those for private use of our guests (sanitation which will obviously take place on a regular and continuous basis); we have equipped the structure with columns with hand sanitizer gel dispenser, always available to everyone so as to maintain continuous hygiene; we have set up signs that highlight the right safety distances in order to do so; surfaces and contact points are cleaned and disinfected several times a day; breakfast is served at the table, a la carte, with a menu full of freshly prepared products; and finally we put a glass of protection in the reception, the heart of the reception of all our customers, and also equipped our staff with masks and adequately trained on the anti-contagion regulations and the rules to be respected.

Always available to guests is the large surrounding green park, for regenerating walks or for physical activity, also there is the possibility to rent electric bikes at our facility.

We want to communicate, as always, in total transparency everything that happens at the Parco dei Principi Hotel, because a true quality service must be implemented and perceived in a complete way, in full respect of our customers, and we work daily to make this happen.

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