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8 May

A very special story for this 2020 Mother’s Day

My family life began (also) at the Parco dei Principi Hotel

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Sunday 10 May 2020, we wanted to write about this anniversary together with “our mother”, ours because she decided to celebrate right here at the Parco dei Principi Hotel all those that were the most important events of her family life, such as baptism and also the birthdays of her little Elisabetta and Roberta (two very sweet girls of 4 and 7 years), in short, a mother of ours in all respects.

Beatrice, this special mother of ours, tells us that it all began on the day when, invited to the birthday of a dear friend, she entered the Parco dei Principi Hotel for the first time << as soon as I crossed the threshold of the sliding door I was left really impressed by the enormity and pomp of the Hall, in fact what was then my boyfriend, pulling me by the arm looked at me smiling because he literally saw me with his mouth open! Sometimes you feel emotions and chills in front of a beautiful landscape, at the words of a loved one, and at that moment I had them for this magnificent place, and it was incredible >>. Then he continues telling us << I spent a splendid evening on that birthday for many reasons, apart from the breathtaking location that continuing to visit gave me confirmation of its majesty and beauty, also the friendliness of all the staff in the room, humanity and professionalism at the same time surprised me. And inevitably, before leaving at the end of the evening, we looked each other in the eyes with my boyfriend (who later became future husband) and we understood that this would be our “special place” >>.

<< Then came the day of our wedding, obviously a whirlwind of great emotions greatly amplified (a little worries about the success, but also positive emotions for the joy of the fateful yes) but that during the celebrations, from the descent of the beautiful staircase , at the banquet, and then at the dessert buffet they slowly subsided to make room for serenity and total happiness, thanks above all to the work that has been done by all your staff, I really say this from the heart “thank you” because one of the most important days of my life has become absolutely unforgettable. At this point it was almost a natural choice, for me and my husband, to want to choose the Parco dei Principi Hotel for all the happy events that have been part of our daily lives: from the baptism of our little Elisabetta and Roberta, to their birthdays and also the couple celebrations, in short, you have become part of our family. >>

We thank Beatrice for sharing her story, and above all a choral thanks from all our staff who, always working hard and with great passion, are deeply satisfied to see their work appreciated so much.
Best wishes, on the special day dedicated to all mothers, even to those who shared their unforgettable moments here with us!
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