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5 Apr

How to spend your time to the fullest?

Time is probably the most precious thing a man can possess, in this difficult period for everyone we have been able to see it perhaps even more!

Spending our time for what really makes us happy is the answer that we honestly would like to give a little to ourselves, and in the wake of this thought we imagined that we too would give an answer!


Whether to spend time discovering new places, thousand-year-old cultures, adventures and full experiences in contact with nature (be it a forest, a natural oasis for trekking, a beach where you can relax, a boat excursion, or the discovery of a place with the scent of ancient history) is what would make you happier, then a holiday along the Jasmine coast is for you! Rediscovering the contact with the world around you, at the end of all this, will surely be the choice that will make us FEEL LIVER, reconnect and savor what magic a land like Calabria can offer you will never disappoint you.

But above all, staying in the right place can make a difference! Whether you have experienced an intense day of adventure or you have relaxed on a golden beach with a warm sea, in the end, returning to the hotel and being pampered and still entranced by what surrounds you is a winning hit. At PARCO DEI PRINCIPI HOTEL we will make you feel the difference compared to all the other places you could choose; our 5-star Hotel Resort facing the sea has everything you need to live a holiday that will make you happy. A breathtaking location will welcome you in its immense hall, and the classic and luxuriant environments will make you feel like a true prince, our expert and welcoming staff will always be at your complete disposal for any need, our environments (the American Bar, the restaurant Badessa, the two swimming pools, the large surrounding green park, the 24-hour gym, the panoramic roundabout overlooking the sea and much more) will leave you speechless, and will make you live in continuous continuity with your outdoor discoveries!

By choosing the Parco dei Principi Hotel you can live 360 ​​degrees, without missing a moment, everything that will make you happy, and since there are many reasons for choosing us, whatever you are, we want to give you many reasons to choose the coast too dei Gelsomini as a destination for dreaming!

We have a proposal for any experience you are eager to live:
  • Do you love adventures surrounded by unspoiled nature? From our position in Roccella Jonica you can reach: the Aspromonte Park (where you will find trails, horse trails, mountain biking, skiing and snowshoeing), the Sila Park (many mountain bike excursions, hiking and horseback riding, skiing, orienteering , sailing and canoeing, archery, the Sila Steam Train), the Valli Cupe regional nature reserve, Trekking in Monte Poro, Trekking in the Poverella Biogenetic Reserve (Sila Piccola), the Nature Reserve of the mouth of the Crati River, the Reserve of Lake Tarsia, the Biogenetic reserves of Cropani-Micone and Marchesale, the path of the Greeks, Mount Sant’Elia and Schioppo di Salino, the tour of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa dei Gelsomini and not only: Copanello-Caminia -Africo-Capo Bruzzano-Riace Marina, Trekking in the hinterland of the “Valle dei Mulini”, the Gorges of Raganello and the Lao River (mountain bike excursions and equestrian tourism), and much more;
  • Do you love history and traditions? The experience that you will be able to live will be infinite, our history begins from ancient Greece: in Reggio Calabria you will find the National Museum where you can admire the famous Riace Bronzes), explore one of the most beautiful villages in Italy Gerace, Stilo with the Catholic Byzantine, Roccella Jonica with the Castle and the medieval village, Ardore Superiore, Placanica, the Museum of old Kaulon, Altomonte, Bova, Chianalea, Civita, during the Christmas period the Christmas lights in Reggio Calabria, the National Museum of Locri Epizefiri, and more many places to discover;
  • Do you love to know and discover the food and wine traditions of one of the richest regions in Italy? Calabria can offer you: the famous chili pepper festival, visit to Cascina del Barone Macrì in Locri (with typical products and Calabrian traditions still alive), visit to the cellars of local indigenous wines such as Greco di Bianco, Bivongi and Cirò, visit to the cultivation of bergamot (cultivation, transformation and typical products), you can participate in the typical Calabrian cooking school where you can learn for yourself what the Calabrian culture has to offer, the tour of the old oil mill and the production of oil, crops and traditions next to the small producers and craftsmen of the area, he visits typical shops in Gerace, Stilo and Monasterace Superiore;
  • Do you want to rediscover a deep spiritual contact? One step from our Hotel you can reach: the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola, the Certosa di Serra San Bruno and Santa Maria of the island, the Madonna of the Polsi mountain, the Madonna dello Scoglio, the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi, the Sanctuary Santa Maria della Stella, Bombile, the Sanctuary Madonna della Grotta, and the Sanctuary Madonna della Montagna di Polsi.
If you are still looking for other reasons to prefer Calabria and stay at the Parco dei Principi Hotel CONTACT US, we will be happy to answer all your doubts and give you an extra motivation.
We are available 24 hours a day at 0964-22086, or write to info@parcodeiprincipihotel.com
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