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14 Mar

How is a #perfectwedding created?

The #perfect marriage is not achieved with perfect people but with the “right professionals”
Our Banqueting Manager in this article will rattle off the highlights of how a wedding takes place at the Parco dei Principi Hotel

– Let’s go straight to the heart, in the title you indicated that you don’t need perfect people but “right professionals”, how do you recognize the difference?

F: the right professionals can be recognized by passion, for their work and for how they do it; here at Parco dei Principi Hotel we are used to giving our best, both professionally and humanely, we take care of our couples from the first meeting, trying to understand what wishes they have for their special day, and also what their fears are (I know ‘which may sound strange, but this serves to avoid inconveniences and errors in the construction phase).

– So everything starts already from the first meeting?

F: of course, the first meeting is essential, we try to immediately create a strong empathy with those who decide to want to evaluate our Location; of course there are the basic passages in which we tell a little about who we are, we show our rooms, the external spaces and all that we offer materially, but at the same time we do a research on what they could desire, dream, what they expect, I could summarize by saying that we work to create a TAILORED WEDDING.

– What does it mean to create a bespoke wedding?

F: we strongly believe in the idea that every wedding is unique, and if you think about it, every couple is unique, every love story, everything a couple has lived, created and everything they plan to create … in short every wedding is a unique start, and we sew a completely unique and tailored wedding on all fronts.

– After making a first contact, how do you continue?

F: later, if the couple chooses our Location, they will start a journey that can be defined by accomplices; yes, complicity will allow us to face this path of choices and organization that will last until the day of the wedding (based on the date of course this path can last years, or months, and whatever time frame I am, I will always be present and available for them).

– What about the kitchen? Here in Calabria food is a fundamental part in the choice of details.

F: this I must admit with great pride that it is one of our spearheads! The creation of the menu begins with our offer, let’s say basic, just to give the couple an idea of ​​the many possibilities they have available, but then we sit down to customize everything; each person has preferences, needs, a very specific idea, precisely because we are in an area where good food never fails, you know what you would like to delight and amaze your guests. By organizing an appointment, our Chef Sorgiovanni builds made to measure, recommending all the possibilities, what the couple tells us they want. Then of course, at a later time the menu tests will also take place, where you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes and also taste the wines, so as to make the ideas clear and have no doubt or surprise then the day of the long-awaited wedding .

– Finally the day of the big event arrives!

F: the wedding day, where everything has already been decided, and where the spouses have now become part of the large family of the Parco dei Principi Hotel (and we always emphasize it with great pride) is the day when the spouses test us , in which everything that has been promised, built, imagined, conceived takes place! And it is here that we demonstrate all the passion we put into making the #perfect marriage, which makes us the “right professionals” we mentioned earlier. In the long history of the Parco dei Principi Hotel we have never disappointed a couple, we have always dealt with every event with the utmost professionalism and passion, leaving no detail to chance, and putting the utmost concentration on every extra need especially on the day of the event. At this point I would close with a phrase in which I believe a lot after so many years of work done here: “whatever place you choose for your wedding will never be the Parco dei Principi Hotel”.

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