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13 Feb


The key to success in tourism of the future? “Sustainability”

Nowadays the data are very clear, and the research on travelers who are increasingly looking for Hotel Green also confirms this; the Planet also asks us: sustainability has become an OBLIGATION.

The boost in the environmental sense we are witnessing has had a particular impulse, it can already be seen from the food choices in the BIO sense, as well as from the greater sense of responsibility in the use of energy sources. With this in mind, here at Parco dei Principi Hotel, aware and aware of this need, we are acting to make our contribution Green and safeguard the wonderful corner of the Calabrian Ionian coast that has been hosting us for almost twenty years.

Our commitment focuses on important decisions, such as the use of renewable energy.
A commitment for which we have chosen to install solar energy panels, using only the energy produced in our Earth for the management of the Structure, which gives us very sunny days throughout the year.

In addition, to incentivize motorists who are choosing more and more conscientiously to give an eco-friendly twist to the use of 4 wheels, we have installed a rapid electric charging column inside our parking lot. We are very proud of this choice as the availability of a column for electric recharging is always very limited, and our guests (and not) will have more and more services for which we prefer and choose us.

Another solution to allow our guests to discover the surroundings of our territory in an eco-sustainable way is the bicycle (in our case in the electric version). In addition to being an incentive to leave the car off during the holiday, the bicycle offers numerous advantages and allows our guests to experience all the benefits of an active holiday on two wheels. A service highly appreciated by travelers, even more than the spa!

Another action on which we are focusing and improving, day after day, is the choice of raw materials at km 0 and BIO nature. The Badessa restaurant, open every day for lunch and dinner, offers delicacies almost entirely from our Calabria region. Since fish specialties are our spearhead, Chef Sorgiovanni personally chooses each morning the quality and freshness of the ingredients with which to create his dishes, with an eye to the origin and the supply chain.

Activate a process of continuous improvement to decrease the environmental impact our goal!

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